"A Lie Agreed Upon: Part I" is the first episode of Season 2.


Seven months have now passed and Deadwood is inching closer to being incorporated into the United States. Seth Bullock and Alma Garret's love affair is now pretty common knowledge in the camp and the subject of much conversation. Some ill-chosen words from Al Swearengen leads to a major confrontation with Bullock and they end up giving each other a severe beating while two others are severely wounded. To Bullock's surprise his wife Martha and stepson William arrive in Deadwood unannounced. The stage also brings in some new girls allowing Joanie Stubbs to set up her own business. Cy Tolliver isn't too pleased when he hears that she also has a business partner in the form of a an experienced madam, Maddie. Calamity Jane meanwhile returns to Deadwood, drunk as always and obviously intent on drinking herself to death. 

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