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"Advances, None Miraculous" is the tenth episode of the second season of Deadwood. It is the twenty-second episode of the series overall. It premiered on May 8, 2005. It was written by Sara Hess and directed by Daniel Minahan.


When Cochran delivers a dire prognosis, the entire camp stands vigil.[1]


In the moments after William Bullock's accident, Arnette Hostetler and Samuel Fields begin to realize the enormity of their situation, as Seth Bullock carries the limp body of his stepson to Doc Cochran's. "Only violence we meant was to that stallion's prick," Hostetler says. "And that to turn an honest dollar." It soon becomes clear that all in town know the horse was the General's, and Hostetler is beside himself. Saying he won't beg for mercy, he makes a move to his rifle, but the General grabs it first. As they grapple over it, the smaller man pleads for the opportunity to get out of town. "Let's ride for six hours," he says, "...If you're still of a mind, I'll shoot you."[2]

Cy Tolliver, too, is agitated over the twin incidents, and tells Leon and Con Stapleton to "take that tub of guts" Mose Manuel on the sled to Joanie Stubbs' instead of bothering Doc Cochran.[2]

At The Gem Saloon, Trixie is beside herself having seen the boy's condition. But Al Swearengen is all business as he discusses the confession with Miss Isringhausen. The former tutor/Pinkerton is having second thoughts about signing the document, now that her escort is otherwise occupied, and refuses to sign.[2]

Al soon receives a visit from his new ally A.W. Merrick, who informs him that a telegram has arrived from Yankton. Hugo Jarry, having read the Pioneer's speculation, is coming to town to find out which way the wind blows in terms of annexation.[2]

Dan Dority is dispatched to round up Sol Star and Hawkeye, but E.B. Farnum informs him that Hawkeye has been gone for three days. When Silas Adams rides up, Dority collars him for the meeting instead.[2]

Arriving at the Gem, Star is disturbed to see Trixie at home in her old environs. He accuses her of learning accounting at Al's behest. Adams meets with Swearengen and Miss Isringhausen, and the young woman is soon induced to sign the document -although not before trying one false signature. Reaching into his pocket, Al produces the $5,000 he had promised. "Wish I had five like you," he says as she leaves.[2]

Doc Cochran informs Bullock that the trauma was far too much for a young boy to withstand, and that William's brain has been injured in the accident. Bullock asks if hearing his mother's voice would give comfort. "It might well," the doc replies. "His father's, too."[2]

A sobbing Tom Nuttall is happened across by Calamity Jane, who learns of the accident. Sitting with Joanie afterward, she concludes that "an unlubricated drunk" would be of little value bedside. At the No. 10 Saloon, a guilt-ridden Steve Fields does battle with a bottle of whiskey, cursing Hostetler and the General and blaming them for William's injury.[2]

When Star has his turn in Al's office, Swearengen invites him to join the cause that his partner Bullock has signed on for. He asks Sol to brief Adams on details of Montana and its influential people, to give credibility to the annexation rumors. Star agrees.[2]

Trixie pays a visit to Sofia Metz and Alma Garret and bluntly asks the widow about Whitney Ellsworth's proposal of marriage. Alma is taken aback, but tells Trixie that she finds it difficult to commit to another loveless marriage.[2]

Cochran visits the Chez Ami and treats the hernia that Con Stapleton has developed in dragging Mose Manuel across town. But as to the wounded Mose, the doctor declines intervention, saying he has other patients with better prospects.[2]

At the Bullock's, a stunned Martha Bullock laments leaving Michigan, and says she wants to take William home. Seth tells her that the Doc says it's better not to move him. But Martha understands William's condition. "There's no better about it, is there?"[2]

As Jarry makes his rounds, Merrick follows Al's orders and pretends to be unwilling to talk to him. Later, at a sit-down, Adams pretends to be hostile to Jarry, but after some cajoling, Al tells his man to "tell Jarry what Bullock had you doin' in Montana."[2]

Jarry is easily drawn in to Silas's story, that a powerful Butte man named Clark has offered Swearengen's crew $50,000 for their support. Jarry asks Al if he will wait, to allow him to investigate a counter offer from Yankton. Al agrees, but adds that he only speaks for himself. "We knocked the cocksucker up," Swearengen says. "And soon he will find himself delivering." Delivering the $50,000, Adams asks? "Elections," Al responds.[2]

Looking in the window at the Bullock family, Doc Cochran has a change of heart. He tells Jewel to inform him of any developments and heads across town. "Come get me at the Chez Ami. I'm be operating on a whale," he tells her.[2]

Far from Deadwood, an uneasy General and Hostetler discuss heading to Oregon. But, hearing the whinny of the cursed stallion, Hostetler has the germ of another idea. If they return to camp, he thinks out loud, with the offending horse and to pay their respects, they'll be able to leave on their own accord. Then, he says, they can go to Oregon and open a livery. The General contemplates the risky strategy and finally agrees. "Let's find that fucking horse," he says.[2]

In town, Jarry tells Tolliver and Francis Wolcott of his meeting with Swearengen, and informs them that Al and Bullock are working together.[2]

At William's bedside, Martha and Seth talking soothingly, of how proud they are of him. Bullock talks of his duck calls, and his garden. Finally, Martha tells her son to rest. "Rest, Will," she says. "Rest and we'll all rise together."[2]

All over town, people stand, keeping vigil, or drink in silence. A pall has fallen over Deadwood. Andy Cramed, the former gambler and Bella Union habitué, arrives at the Grand Central Hotel, informing Farnum that he has become a preacher. As he makes his way to Cochran's cabin, the entire town seems to be watching, as if wondering whether to stop him. But as he reaches the front door, Bullock emerges. His eyes fixed far in the distance, he seems to understand why the man is there, and silently accepts him in.[2]





Guest Starring


  • Ted Mann as Rutherford
  • Ralph Richeson as Richardson


  • Parisse Boothe as Tess
  • Zvonimir Hace as Prospector
  • Danielle McKee as Gem Whore

Cast notes[]

  • Twenty of twenty-one starring cast members appear in this episode.
  • Starring cast member Dayton Callie (Charlie Utter) does not appear in this episode.

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