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Early morning. The Earp brothers are evicted from the Bella Union after their night of whoring. Seth gives Martha the combination to the store safe, in case of any "eventualities," which she understands as being "threatened by the arrival of those men last night." And Joanie and Mose prepare the new schoolhouse for the arrival of the children.

Meanwhile, Hearst makes it clear to his lieutenant, Barrett, that the camp is to know his new gunmen have arrived - and he'd have no objection if the knowledge was transmitted by a disruption of traffic in the thoroughfare. He also orders the discomfiture of Merrick.

Swearengen discusses with Dority, Adams and Burns the Pinkertons who have been hired by Hearst, and whether there are remaining options for reinforcements. They are interrupted by several pistoleros riding through camp, nearly trampling Wu. Swearengen wonders about his ability to remain unprovoked: "'til reinforced, can we learn the ways of church-mice?"

Adams visits Tolliver to find out if he has a message for Al about the arrival of the horsemen last night. Not wanting to reveal his own unease, Cy simply replies: "Tell Al since we didn't wake to the Apocalypse I s'pose we only need fear their Winchesters."

Langrishe stops by to check on Hearst's back pain and is introduced to Aunt Lou. Hearst asks what Swearengen's reaction was to the arrivals last night and Langrishe begs to remain neutral.

Trixie goes to the bank to make a deposit, and notes Alma's "clearness of the eye." Langrishe arrives at the bank to deposit $4000 and borrow the same amount, suggesting that knowledge that he was borrowing from the bank to remodel the Chez Ami into a theater, would prove his intentions to lay roots in the camp. She approves the "loan" and he invites her to the Amateur Night his troupe is hosting that evening.

The General deposits the comatose Steve in a wheelbarrow at the Number Ten, over Harry Manning's objections. The General then gets the clear from Alma of any obligation to the livery. He is free to go.

Morgan complains about being unceremoniously kicked out of the whore house that morning, and snarls at the pistoleros making trouble. Wyatt tries to keep him focused on their timber lease. But as they drive through camp Morgan is provoked by one of the pistoleros and vows he'll see him that afternoon.

Wu draws pictures as Burns and Dority try to discern their meaning. And Adams reports back to Al that Cy seems to be on the outside of Hearst's plans, along with them. "We out to form a f**king club."

Barrett arrives at the Pioneer office, claiming he's there to write an article. When Merrick questions him, he beats Merrick and leaves, while Blazanov watches, petrified.

Burns figures from Wu's drawing that he is holding his men outside Custer City because "Swedgin" and Hearst are on the outs. Al socks Burns for having solved it -- then praises Wu for clever precautionary thinking.

Langrishe continues spreading the word Amateur Night, including Utter and Joanie.

Jarry and Adams feel each other out on whether they are on equal footing. "Pretty taut line Mister Jarry, not knowing how deep your hook's set..." muses Adams. Jarry wonders how deep $500 would set it, and Adams insists he hand it over to see.

Blazanov brings Merrick to the Gem to be seen by Doc Cochran. Al figures Hearst was behind the beating and Blazanov hands over another telegram intended for Hearst, for Al to read in advance.

Morgan shoots the pistolero who provoked him earlier and Bullock rushes to keep things from escalating, Wyatt rushes to the pistolero and places his gun outside his holster, so he may claim the fight was fair. When Barrett arrives, claiming his man had orders not to draw, Bullock arrests him for "interfering with a f**king peace officer" and hauls the Earps off for questioning as well.

Hearst seeks details of Merrick's beating from Barrett. Blazanov delivers Hearst's telegram and Hearst goes to deliver the news to Aunt Lou: Odell is dead, found on the road to Rapid City.

Mose finds Jane, passed out. He orders her to get up and accompany the children to the new schoolhouse with Joanie.

The Earps give their statement that both men drew simultaneously. Having admitted that their timber lease is worth "f**k all," Bullock presses the Earps to "move on" and Wyatt agrees.

Meanwhile, Joanie and Jane lead the children to the new school house as the camp watches; the Sheriff rushes to join Martha to walk with her.

The camp gathers for Amateur Night. "Tonight we will be the audience to you" announces Langrishe, as the camp people parade their tricks of balance, song and juggling.

Hearst orders Aunt Lou not prepare dinner in her grief. Jarry briefs Hearst on the number of soldiers bivouacked near Sturgis, and others in the hills, in case they are needed, to back Hearst's preferred candidates for office. Jarry says Governor Pennington requires a note confirming they spoke, which Hearst reluctantly agrees to.

Cy frightens Joanie and Jane who are sweeping up the school house. Jane runs off to fetch protection from Mose. Cy refuses Joanie's order that he leave, but agrees when Mose and Jane return.

Al performs his own sad ballad on Amatuer an audience of none, alone at the Gem.