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"I see as much misery outta them movin' to justify their selves as them that set out to do harm."
―Doc Cochran[src]

Dr. Amos "Doc" Cochran is a main character in HBO's Deadwood and Deadwood: The Movie.

Amos is the only doctor in the town of Deadwood. He is an honest and moral professional who shows extreme dedication to and compassion for the sick and injured, without bias for their attitudes or loyalties. Doc Cochran is relatively invulnerable to the risk of violence in Deadwood, as he is valuable to Al Swearengen and Cy Tolliver for his medical maintenance of the prostitutes, and as a result is unafraid to speak his mind to both of them, as well as many others, whenever their behavior is cold and cruel.


Early Life[]

Cochran served as a doctor during the Civil War. 

Season 1[]

Doc Cochran helps care for Sofia Metz and Reverend Smith. When the Reverend Smith is at his last extremity, dying of a brain tumor, Cochran prays for the reverend to be released from suffering, and weeps as he recalls the cries of agony he heard on the battlefield during the Civil War.[2]

Season 2[]

When Al Swearengen falls ill, Cochran refuses to lose another patient, despite being under so much stress that he cannot stop his hands from shaking.  In the end, he succeeds in treating Al and his confidence seems to improve again. He constantly displays a moral compass similar to humanist philosophy. When Chinese prostitutes appear in town, Cochran is shocked by the inhumane conditions in which they are kept. Much to his distress, he is barred from treating them and forced to simply stand by and watch them die.[2]

Season 3[]

Doc Cochran becomes ill and shows symptoms of tuberculosis. Al, however, spurs him on not to just lie down and die, remarking "I ain't learning a new Doc's 'quirks'."[2]

Deadwood: The Movie[]

Cochran survived his illness and continues to treat a now ailing Al.[2]


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  • Cochran has been charged with grave robbery a total of seven times.