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"I apologize."
―Andy Cramed[src]

Andy Cramed is a recurring character in HBO's Deadwood.

He is a conman who has often worked with Cy Tolliver and is set to do so again until he arrives in Deadwood suffering from smallpox. He eventually survives the smallpox, but was cast aside by Tolliver. Some time later he returns to the camp as a self-proclaimed minister.

He is portrayed by Zach Grenier.


Arriving sick in Deadwood

A man named Andy Cramed enters into the Bella Union throwing around cash, earning him extra attention and services from Cy Tolliver. Moments later we see that Cramed and Tolliver are acquaintances and have run scams together in the past.

Soon after, Cramed has fallen ill in his hotel room, and Joanie Stubbs fetches Doctor Cochran to attend to him. Cramed is in bad shape, delirious, and the doc becomes very concerned.

Abandoned by Tolliver

Cramed is still terribly sick, so Cy Tolliver makes the call to have him taken out into the woods and left for dead. One of Cy's minions, Bart, isn't thrilled with this plan, but realizes that he has no choice in the matter and does as he's told. As this is going on, Doc Cochran visits the Bella Union to check in on the patient and learns of Tolliver's callous treatment. The doctor warns Tolliver of the need for medicine for the upcoming epidemic, and the saloonkeeper reluctantly sends someone to Fort Kearney in Nebraska.

Nursed by Calamity Jane


A drunk Calamity Jane is absent from the burial of her friend Wild Bill Hickok, choosing instead to watch the event from a distance. She doesn't observe too long, however, as she's managed to find Cramed in the woods and, in a drunken stupor, has chosen to take care of him. His condition continues to worsen, but in her state, Jane is almost oblivious to just how badly off the man is. He keeps telling Jane "I apologize", though it is unknown to Jane what he means by this.

Later Jane returns to the camp and explains to Doc Cochran that she's been caring for Cramed, and Cochran realizes she may be immune to the disease.

Back on his feet


Cramed is later brought back into camp by Jane to treat him in the "pesttent". He is given a vaccine by the doc and fully recovers.

In the Bella Union, Cramed, now fully recovered thanks to Calamity Jane, walks in and confronts Tolliver. Flustered, Tolliver offers to stake him. But Cramed remembers that it was Cy who left him to die. "We ain't getting nothing going, Cy," he says. "All I came back for was my things, and you thrown those out too."

Return as a self-proclaimed minister

A few weeks later, Andy Cramed arrives at the Grand Central Hotel and he informs E.B. Farnum that he has become a preacher. He has become aware of the accident that killed the sheriff's son. As he makes his way to Cochran's cabin to visit the grieving family, the entire town seems to be watching, as if wondering whether to stop him. But as he reaches the front door, sheriff Seth Bullock emerges. His eyes fixed far in the distance, he seems to understand why the man is there, and silently accepts him in.

Burial of William Bullock

Preparations continue at the Bullock house, and Martha Bullock has packed her things. Seth tells her that he had hoped she wouldn't make a decision in the throes of such a terrible day. But Martha says she can't bear to stay. They receive a visit from Andy Cramed, and the funeral plans are made; the service will be brief and largely private.

Very nearly the entire town of Deadwood gathers outside the Bullock house for the service, and Cramed does his best, droning through Psalms. The awfulness of the words overwhelms Martha, and she rushes back to the house to look at her boy, in his coffin, another time. Returning to the memorial she tells Bullock to let the people come and say goodbye to William.

Attempt to kill Tolliver


Some time later, Cramed also oversees the wedding of Alma Garret and Whitney Ellsworth.

At the reception, Tolliver accuses Cramed of running a dice game in his territory and warns him that he will nail him to a tree if his reformation turns out to be a con. He keeps ridiculising Cramed for bringing the "plague" of religion into town and finds himself stabbed in the gut. "God is not mocked, you son of a bitch," Cramed says, walking away. Cy is terrified: "He gutted me!" he says. "Don't let me die."


Tolliver survived the attempt on his life and slowly recovers from the wound. One of his employees announces, "Andy Cramed that stabbed you" is arrived. When Cramed comes in, Cy feigns an invalid's restless fever dreams. Cramed asks for forgiveness but Cy prostrates himself, insisting "I denied you'd been called - treated you like the shitback fucking operator you used to be." He rises up, feeling the strength of spirits moving through him, a shaking gun in his hand. Leon interrupts and Cy orders him to his knees to beg for the Lord's forgiveness. Unnerved by the drama, Cramed makes his escape and Cy's salvation abruptly ends with his departure: "Get the fuck up Leon."


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