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This article contains spoilers for all three seasons of Deadwood and Deadwood: The Movie.
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Charles "Charlie" Utter is a main character in HBO's Deadwood as well as in Deadwood: The Movie.

He is the good friend of Wild Bill Hickok and Calamity Jane, and Hickok's sometime business partner. He runs a mail and freight business in the camp and is also one of Seth Bullock's deputies. He is an honest and uncomfortable person with a kind and generous nature. Incredibly noble, he is also tough and fearless in the face of adversity and not afraid to speak his mind clearly.

He is portrayed by Dayton Callie.


He is friends with Joanie Stubbs and is approached by her in desperation upon the murders of three of her prostitutes by Francis Wolcott, smuggling the rest out of town to safety. Sworn to secrecy about the matter, Utter nevertheless takes the opportunity to administer a terrible beating to Wolcott on the pretext of Wolcott's having stepped on Utter's toe. Later, though, Charlie displays some pity for the man.

He continues to have an up and down relationship with Jane as she continues to decline into alcoholism, despite the abuse she gives him; he constantly looks out for her, spurring her on to take a job at his freight business and to start a friendship with Joanie Stubbs. He displays his fearlessness again in Season 3 when he harasses George Hearst in his cell after he is arrested by Bullock, trivializing the man's authority in the camp. He later threatens his life at the door of his hotel room.

In Deadwood: The Movie, Utter considers selling a plot of land he has developed over many years to George Hearst. When he ultimately declines to sell, Hearst has him murdered, causing no end of anger and grief from his friends and fellow townspeople. Samuel Fields, the only witness to Utter's death, later tells Bullock that Utter was singing and at peace at the moment of his death.

Behind the scenes[]

The character is based on the real-life person "Colorado" Charlie Utter, a member of Wild Bill Hickok's entourage. However, the nickname "Colorado Charlie" is never used for the character on the show.[2]


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