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Clell Watson was a prisoner incarcerated in the town jailhouse in the Montana territory.


Clell Watson was imprisoned in the town's jailhouse in the Montana territory for three days some time in 1876 after stealing a horse belonging to Byron Sampson. While in his cell, he attempted to make conversation with US Marshal Seth Bullock, explaining that he, like Bullock, was on his way to Deadwood.

Watson indicates he intended to be prospecting in the town. Watson attempts to bribe Bullock into letting him go free, being well aware that his actions are punishable by death. Bullock's partner, Sol Star, runs into the jailhouse as Bullock rejects the offer. Sol informs him that Byron Sampson is coming for Clell with a mob of a dozen drunk men he rallied from the local saloon.

Watson shouts at Sol to leave so he may continue his proposal to Bullock, but a gunshot interrupts the conversation. Outside of the jailhouse, Sampson threaten to kill Bullock if he does not hand over Watson. Bullock announces that he will execute Clell Watson's sentence by hanging, as per the law. Despite the continual threats from Sampson, Bullock puts a noose around Watson's neck, throws the other end over a wooden beem in the roof of the jailhouse's porch, and gives Watson a wooden stool to stand upon. Watson then expresses his concern that his sister was due to watch his hanging in the morning and that the lack of a drop would mean he'd strangle for more than twenty minutes, but Bullock assures him he will help him with the drop to ensure a quick death. Clell Watson steps onto the stool, which leads Sampson to fire a warning shot. Bullock encourages him to give his last words as if his sister was there, ensuring that he mentions Bullock helped with his fall. Watson then jumps off of the stool and Bullock lifts him up and slams him down, breaking his neck.

Bullock then writes down Watson's final words and asks who will deliver them to his sister. To Sampson's disbelief, one of the mob members volunteers to deliver it. Bullock thanks the man and hands him the letter and his US marshal's badge.

Personality and Traits[]

Clell was a talkative man in his late 30s. He expresses regret for his actions in stealing Byron Sampson's horse and for shooting Seth in the shoulder during his arrest. While imprisoned, he attempts to bribe Bullock into letting him go free from his death sentence (which Bullock declines).



  • Clell Watson is the first character to be killed in the series, having been lynched by Seth Bullock.
  • His final words are "Fuck you!" to Sampson.