Alma is suffering from morning sickness and she approaches Trixie for help. She's reluctant to speak to Doc Cochrane after the way he spoke to her during her withdrawal but Trixie helps them out. Al Swearengen seems to have survived his surgery but Doc Cochrane thinks he may have had a small stroke. Al doesn't want word to get out. When he hears that the Commissioner is staying at Cy Tolliver's saloon, he realizes that Cy is a step ahead of him. Tolliver thinks he's not getting his share from Maddie and Joanie's new enterprise. He does learn something interesting about Francis Wolcott. Silas Adams and Miss Isringhausen spend some time together. The County Commissioner gets Merrick to post a notice on the mining claims and it has a lot of the miners riled up. Samuel Fields comes back to the camp and is inadvertently drawn into the dispute.

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