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"I'm older, and I'm much less friendly to fuckin' change."
―Dan Dority[src]

Dan Dority was a barman at the Gem Saloon, who served as one of owner Al Swearengen's most trusted enforcers and closest friends until Swearengen's death in 1889. Formerly a bushwhacker, he was perhaps Swearengen's best ally during his time in the lawless gold-mining town of Deadwood, working as a bodyguard and killer alongside Johnny Burns and later Silas Adams. While he was a dangerous man with a gruesomely violent temper, he was also incredibly fragile and prone to breaking down when displeasing those close to him. Dority, Burns and Adams were vital in protecting Swearengen and Sheriff Seth Bullock during the fight against George Hearst, the power-hungry mining executive who threatened to bring laws to Deadwood to get his hands on its gold - when Hearst's bodyguard Captain Turner challenged him to a fair hand-to-hand fight in the town thoroughfare in an effort to intimidate Al, Dan accepted and was able to kill Turner after a bloody battle in which he ripped out the man's eye, leaving himself traumatised afterwards.[2] On the night Hearst was defeated and arrested, Dan was in the Gem bar with Johnny when they heard Al singing in his final moments upstairs.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

Dan Dority was played by W. Earl Brown in all three seasons of Deadwood, appearing in every episode. Brown reprised his role in Deadwood: The Movie.