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"I don't like being weak, and I know that I am. I yearn to rely on a stronger will. I fear what I'm capable of in its absence."
―E.B Farnum[src]

Eustace Bailey Farnum, better known by his initials E.B. Farnum, is a main character in HBO's Deadwood as well as in Deadwood: The Movie.

He is the proprietor of the Grand Central Hotel in Deadwood and was also briefly the town's mayor, albeit in name only. Farnum saw himself as a cunning, influential figure in the gold-mining camp's history, but to everyone else it was obvious that he was just a slimy, cowardly fool who posed no real threat despite his constant attempts to insert himself into the affairs of the most powerful people in the camp. Namely, Al Swearengen, the owner of the Gem Saloon and one of the most feared criminals in Deadwood, kept on E.B. as a close ally solely due to his connections as the Grand Central's owner. Farnum's only truly loyal ally was Richardson, a simple-minded older man who worked for E.B. at the Grand Central despite facing countless abuse from him.

He is portrayed by William Sanderson.



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