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General George Crook is a minor character in HBO's Deadwood. He arrived in Deadwood seeking supplies for his military expedition.

He is portrayed by Peter Coyote.


Little Big Horn

General George Crook led a military expedition in pursuit of a band of Sioux Indians who were fleeing after the Battle of Little Bighorn, in fear of retaliation. Crook and his troops didn't have enough rations to last them for the length of time they were tracking the Indians. As a result, as one of their horses or mules went lame, they resorted to eat the meat. This was referred to as the Horsemeat March of 1876. Crook sent ahead Captain Anson Hills, with a small group of troops to request a train with supplies to meet them in Deadwood.

Arrival in Deadwood

General Crook arrived in Deadwood some time later with Magistrate Claggett. As the officers make arrangements to give the troops a respite in town-but not one that will lead them to "balk at re-harness," warns the general-saloon owner Al Swearengen seeks a moment with the magistrate. Meanwhile, Crook takes residence in the Bella Union.

At the Bella Union, General Crook has taken a dim view of Cy Tolliver's plan to garrison troops in town to fight "lawlessness." The offer of $50,000 in gold doesn't change his mind. In fact, his soldiers have already begun deserting to the gold fields and casinos, and the general has decided to bivouac out of town. Seth Bullock interrupts Crook's dinner to ask him to take the leech Otis Russell under his protection, explaining that he himself is among those who seek to harm him. Impressed by Bullock's story, the general suggests that Bullock himself takes on the responsibility of sheriff. "We all have bloody thoughts," he says.

As the troops muster and leave town, Bullock visits Swearengen. Explaining that Russell is under Crooks' protection, he says Russell will be dealt with if he returns.

Behind the scenes[]

General George Crook is based on his real life counterpart and did indeed arrive in Deadwood searching for supplies.


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