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"It's the learning fuckin' nothin', Al, that keeps me young."
―Jack Langrishe[src]

John Sewell Langrishe, better known as Jack Langrishe, is a supporting character during the third season of HBO's Deadwood.

He is a theater operator and leader of a troupe of traveling actors who come to settle in Deadwood. Langrishe is a close, longtime friend of Al Swearengen. Possessing a dry wit, and prone to both flattery and self-deprecation, the flamboyant Langrishe charms most of the people he meets.

He is portrayed by Brian Cox.


Before Deadwood

Langrishe was an actor and stage performer. At a certain moment he befriended Al Swearengen in Virginia City.

Arrival in Deadwood

True Colors

A wagon arrives in Deadwood with the flamboyant Jack Langrishe and his theatrical troupe. Later at the Gem Saloon, Jack enters and full of innuendo, makes a date to talk to journalist A. Walter Merrick.

Later, Swearengen gives Langrishe a tour of the camp, as Jack scouts possible theater locations. Al reveals his hand wound: "You're the first I fucking revealed that to-." "Goes with me to the grave," vows Langrishe. In the evening while surveying the camp from the Gem balcony, Al confides to Langrishe he wonders if he's queer, given that he hasn't gone for his rival George Hearst's throat. Jack suspects Al cares about what happens to Deadwood, "You'd not see this ruined or in cinders." Al gruffly agrees he'd avoid that if he could.

Seeking a theater location


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