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Jack McCall is a recurring character as well as an antagonist during the first season of HBO's Deadwood. He served as the season's primary antagonist.

He is portrayed by Garret Dillahunt.


Drunken foul-mouth

McCall was a drunkard who was a regular poker player in Tom Nuttall's saloon in the camp of Deadwood, South Dakota. He claimed not to be impressed by the arrival of legendary Wild Bill Hickok and swore to "gut that son of a bitch at poker" whenever he gets a chance. Wild Bill does get into a poker game and winds up on a terrible losing streak against McCall.

After losing several times, Hickok finally manages to win a hand of poker and takes a large pot from the lout McCall. The game gets heated. Before the situation can escalate further, McCall is thrown out of the game, but not before spewing a stream of profanity.

McCall and Hickok keep crossing each other at the poker table. After losing from Hickok once again, McCall rises from the table and begins a typical stream of insults, but Cy Tolliver stops him, and Bill tosses him a dollar for a meal.

Killing of Wild Bill Hickok

Exhausted and nearly incoherent, Jack McCall tells the story of his poker showdown with Hickok to his pals at Tom Nuttall's; even these world-weary men are concerned by what they see. Later, returning to the saloon wild-eyed, the long-simmering anger has come to a boil. McCall strides up to the poker table and shoots Hickok in the back of the head. Word spreads quickly through town, as people take to the street, and McCall is immediately apprehended. Drawn almost by instinct, Bullock and Calamity Jane find their way to Nuttall's saloon, but an era has already ended: Wild Bill Hickok is dead.


At McCall's trial, his lawyer fabricates a story about Hickok killing his brother and the murder being justified revenge. Concerned that the trial will interfere with the possibility of Deadwood's annexation, saloon owner Al Swearengen presses the judge to declare McCall innocent. Upon reconvening, his honor sends the case quickly to the jury. They quickly return a verdict of innocent. McCall is set free. After the trial the Gem Saloon is once again filled with celebrating drunks. Among those celebrating is McCall himself, but Swearengen makes it immediately clear to Hickok's killer that his continued health depends on leaving Deadwood immediately. McCall takes the advice and gets on a horse. But not far away, Seth Bullock's anger is still boiling. After a few words with his friend Sol Star, he makes his decision: he is going after the murderer of his Hickok.

Hunt for justice

Bullock sets out to avenge Hickok and find McCall to bring him to justice. Along the way he is joined by Charlie Utter. Riding into a stockade, Bullock and Utter spot the horse of McCall. Soon the two are inside a crude bunk house, where McCall is passed out. "I guess sometime since he's been here, that fella face down on the table probably spoke of killing Wild Bill Hickok," Bullock says. "Well, we're Hickok's friends." Knocking McCall out with the barrel of his gun, Bullock ties him to a horse, and tells Charlie he thinks they should take him to Yankton for trial.

Behind the Scenes[]

Dillahunt returns in the second season of the series in a different role. He portrayed Francis Wolcott, who would serve as the second season's primary antagonist.


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