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Jimmy Irons was a hand at the Gem Saloon, who served as one of owner Al Swearengen's more dispensable enforcers. Alongside the Mason brothers and Persimmon Phil, Jimmy worked as a road agent and errand boy for Al, though he was more loyal to his co-workers than his boss.[1] Along with his counterpart Leon at the rival Bella Union, however, Jimmy had an addiction to opium, something the two let get the better of them when they robbed and killed one of Mr. Wu's dope couriers. Afterwards, Al chose to kill only one of the two thieves in punishment, but spared Leon since he knew killing one of Cy Tolliver's men would only tighten their rivalry - as such, it was Jimmy who Swearengen drowned in the Gem bathhouse.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

Jimmy Irons was played by Dean Rader-Duval in several episodes of Season 1 of Deadwood.



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