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Merrick and Blazanov deliver the day's edition of 'The Pioneer' to eagerly awaiting readers at the Grand Central and the Gem.

Seth and Martha quarrel over her willingness to accept the theater troupe's delays for moving her school to a new location. "It seems you waked intent we quarrel," she accuses him, suggesting his mood may have had something to do with the previous night's meeting.

The stage coach arrives to the sound of gun fire - celebratory shots fired by a pair of young riders accompanying the stage. The driver explains to the crowd gathering that they were put upon by road agents, but the two young men saved the day. "Would have lost the strong box sure, Sheriff, 'not for them there -" The two men identify themselves as Wyatt and Morgan Earp. Wyatt reveals to Bullock he was a lawman in Dodge City and Witchita, but "ain't looking for none of that here...we got a timber lease."

Joanie Stubbs rouses Jane. As they depart for the day, Shaunessey preaches at them regarding their sinful ways; Jane tells him off. "I'm moving out of that f**kinâ€TM place," says Joanie. "Not me, I never moved in," Jane replies.

Steve rants at the General: "Don't think you was offered a job here last night!" But the General will not engage in argument, telling Steve he is off to San Francisco, soon as he finishes an errand. Steve decides to hide his saddle to prevent him from leaving.

The General stops by Aunt Lou's to return her money, not being able to wait on Odell any longer. She fills him in on Odell's plan to meet one of Hearst's men in New York to return to Liberia for gold.

Swearengen talks to Wyatt, evaluating the Earps' story. "Road agents, the story goes, donâ€TMt work these Hills but by my leave," he tells him. Earp sticks to his story but Al doesn't buy it. "My opinion, your tale's full of sh**." He postulates that to make a hero's entrance into camp, the brothers played all the parts themselves. Al promises Wyatt he will double the price of anyone who seeks any hiring of his gun.

The General returns to the livery to find Steve unconscious, apparently kicked in the head by the General's horse.

Wyatt fetches his brother, who is trying to capitalize on the goodwill they created with a whore at the Gem. Wyatt interrupts Morgan's transaction and sends him to the hardware store for supplies while he heads to the Bella Union.

Hearst stops by Merrick's to "thank" him for printing the letter of condolence from Sheriff Bullock to the family of Hearst's murdered worker, "Was the Sheriff's making his letter part of the public record meant to embarrass or reproach me?" Hearst demands to know. Merrick claims no presumptions on his part. Hearst storms out.

Cy Tolliver observes Wyatt playing craps and feels him out for his interest in being a gun for hire. Wyatt doesn't reject the idea out of hand.

Jack Langrishe promises the failing Chesterton that he will move him to the theater that day. Leaving to make arrangements, Jack runs into Hearst and seeing him wince, suggests a technique for relief of back pain, which he offers to apply himself.

Langrishe then secures Martha Bullock's offer to cancel the school's afternoon session so that Chesterton can be transported to the theater for a final look.

At the Gem, Burns chastises Morgan Earp for conning the whore out of $7 worth of f**king. Wyatt pays his brother's debt. Meanwhile, the Sheriff accosts them in the thoroughfare, enraged at Morgan for leaving his pile of tools unpaid for in the middle of the hardware store.

Cy presents to Hearst his plot to engender a duel between Bullock and Wyatt Earp. "...whether Bullock or this gunsel stood at the finish there'd be no losing in it for you." Hearst approves.

The General offers Doc money for Steve's care and burying - and for telling the bank their loan is in danger. Doc suggests the General stay with the livery, but he resists so Doc offers to send Jane to see to Steve. The General agrees to stay "'til the bank gets someone over here."

Bullock complains to Swearengen about the arrival of the Earps, and worries that publishing the condolence letter was a mistake. But Merrick and Blazanov arrive with a telegram for Bullock, as well as the news that Hearst took umbrage at the letter -- and warned that a storm is coming.

Bullock returns to the hardware store to confront the Earps. His wire confirmed Wyatt's past as a law man. The air is tense and hands are on triggers as Bullock notes: "Not asking why you've put the work aside, I'll say only some that do -- find themselves ready and uniquely able to work the other side of the street." Assuring him that they simply want to work their timber claim, they leave peaceably.

Hearst paces as Aunt Lou comes to beg that Hearst send someone to follow Odell to give him her garnet brooch that he left behind. He refuses, suggesting no one would want to ride in service of a colored man, and that, instead, they mail it to his man in New York to pass along to Odell.

Wyatt introduces Morgan to Cy at the Bella Union, as the brothers conspire about their options in Deadwood.

Chesterton, having been transported to the schoolhouse sits with Langrishe, who describes the future theater and eases him gently into death.

Jane tries, unsuccessfully, to feed Steve. She leaves the General to try - but he ends up flinging grits in Steve's face in frustration.

Langrishe gives Hearst a treatment for his back while the Countess observes. Hearst claims to be much improved but won't rest as he is "waiting for something."

Back at the Gem, Al and Jack share a drink as Jack shares the news that the old actor passed. He suggests that there may be another way to get to Hearst, using the back treatments. As the two men retire to the Gem balcony, they see Hearst, waiting.

The Bullocks apologize to each other for their morning's quarrel. "Perhaps tonight will be twice as sweet," Seth suggests, just as the camp is disrupted by Hearst's posse riding into town. Cy pulls the plug on the gambling wins he'd orchestrated for the Earps, seeing that Hearst has called in the pros. Witnessing Hearst's pleasure at the arrival, Swearengen notes: "Leviathan f**king smiles."