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Season 2 of Deadwood consists of twelve episodes and aired from March 6, 2005 to May 22, 2005.


"A Lie Agreed Upon: Part I"[]

Tensions flare as the camp faces an uncertain future. Al Swearengen taunts Seth Bullock over his relationship with Alma Garret, and the resulting confrontation between sheriff and criminal turns violent. With a new business venture on the horizon, Joanie Stubbs and Cy Tolliver await the arrival of some fancy new whores on the next stagecoach, which also bears two important reminders of Bullock's past.

"A Lie Agreed Upon: Part II"[]

Alma and an increasingly self-destructive Bullock face an abrupt decision on their future. At The Gem Saloon, while Swearengen readies for another showdown with Bullock, infighting between Silas Adams and Dan Dority yields more feed for Mr. Wu's pigs. Doc Cochran is surprised by Calamity Jane, who has returned to camp in a state of inebriated deterioration.

"New Money"[]

Francis Wolcott, chief scout for a powerful mining operation, arrives to shake up the status quo - beginning with Cy Tolliver. Swearengen's lackeys fret as he refuses visitors and medical attention. Joanie's new partner, Maddie, reveals she's also running a game as their new brothel, the Chez Ami, services its first customer.

"Requiem for a Gleet"[]

Doc contemplates a procedure that could cure Swearengen - or kill him. Bullock attempts to settle into domesticity, while Sol Star gets a new student bookkeeper - Trixie. Alma cuts ties with Sofia Metz' tutor, Miss Isringhausen. Joanie and Maddie argue over the business. The County Commissioner's arrival spawns rumors about the camp's future and legal ownership of the gold claims.


Swearengen is on the mend as Alma begins to take ill - mostly in the mornings. Cy is suspicious of Joanie and Maddie's operation, and makes an unexpected discovery about George Hearst's agent, Wolcott. Bullock attempts to control an outlaw mob and protect the Commissioner, who directed A.W. Merrick to print a provocative statement regarding gold claims.

"Something Very Expensive"[]

Alma proposes opening a bank with the help of Sol Star. A new schoolteacher arrives in town, much to Merrick's delight. Much to Wu's dismay, new Chinese whores arrive. Wolcott's inner demons wreak havoc on Joanie's whorehouse, testing his alliance with Cy. Bullock attempts to keep order in the camp, and at the same time settle into family life.

"E.B. Was Left Out"[]

Joanie discovers what happened at the Chez Ami and confides in Charlie Utter. Swearengen meets with Alma regarding Miss Isringhausen's allegations...and her connection to the Pinkertons. The town leaders convene to discuss pressing issues, but neglect to invite E.B. Farnum, the mayor. By way of a strange circumstance, Utter comes into possession of Wild Bill's final correspondence.

"Childish Things"[]

Wolcott offers on the claim of two ornery brothers, and reports to Hearst on their progress overall. Miss Isgringhausen strikes a deal with Swearengen, who discusses his options with a friend in a small box. Alma receives very different proposals from both Martha Bullock and Whitney Ellsworth. A Russian telegraph operator, Blazanov, arrives in camp, and Joanie befriends a reluctant Jane.

"Amalgamation and Capital"[]

Bullock makes a connection with his son, William. Swearengen, who has entrusted E.B. to spy on the new telegraph operator, stokes rumors of an annexation of the camp and amends his agreement with Miss Isgringhausen. Cy aims to unburden a troubled man of his bloodstained money. Alma and Martha come to an agreement, and a tragic accident befalls the camp.

"Advances, None Miraculous"[]

When Doc delivers a dire prognosis, one family suffers and the entire camp stands vigil. Merrick avails some private information to Swearengen, who enlists Star and Adams to help con the newly returned Commissioner Hugo Jarry. Andy Cramed, a former Deadwood pariah, offers himself as the camp's new minister. Trixie pressures a distraught Alma to accept a beneficial proposal.

"The Whores Can Come"[]

Death in the camp spooks the superstitious, and the impending funeral causes much sorrow. Cy is convinced that Andy - who will officiate at the service - is back in town to run a game. Wu asks Swearengen to back him against Mr. Lee. Bullock encourages his wife to stay in Deadwood.


A marriage occurs against a backdrop of murder and negotiations for elections and the camp.


Main Cast[]

Supporting Cast[]

  • Larry Cedar as Leon (10 episodes)
  • Sarah Paulson as Alice Isringhausen (9 episodes)
  • Peter Jason as Con Stapleton (9 episodes)
  • Ralph Richeson as Richardson (9 episodes)
  • Parisse Boothe as Tess (9 episodes)
  • Geri Jewell as Jewel (8 episodes)
  • Keone Young as Mr. Wu (8 episodes)
  • Nick Amandos as Jack Young (7 episodes)
  • Stephen Tobolowsky as Hugo Jarry (6 episodes)
  • Philip Moon as Mr. Lee (6 episodes)
  • Erica Swanson as Doris (6 episodes)
  • Pruitt Taylor Vince as Mose Manuel (5 episodes)
  • Pasha Lychnikoff as Blazanov (5 episodes)
  • Alice Krige as Maddie (5 episodes)
  • Fiona Dourif as Enid (5 episodes)
  • Richard Gant as Arnette Hostetler (4 episodes)
  • Franklyn Ajaye as Samuel Fields (4 episodes)
  • Michael Harney as Steve Fields (4 episodes)
  • Meghan Glennon as Lila (4 episodes)
  • Ashleigh Kizer as Dolly (4 episodes)
  • Ted Mann as Rutherford (4 episodes)
  • Holly Carbrey as Atlantis (4 episodes)
  • Chandra Richards as Rosie (4 episodes)
  • Zach Grenier as Andy Cramed (3 episodes)
  • Izabella Miko as Carrie (3 episodes)
  • Jennifer Lutheran as Jen (3 episodes)
  • Allen Keller as Marvin Somes (3 episodes)



  • David Milch: executive producer (showrunner)
  • Gregg Fienberg: executive producer
  • A.C. Lyles: consulting producer
  • Scott Stephens: supervising producer
  • Jody Worth: supervising producer
  • Kathryn Lekan: associate producer
  • Ed Bianchi: producer
  • Elizabeth Sarnoff: producer
  • Ted Mann: producer
  • Hilton H. Smith: co-producer
  • Steve Turner: co-producer
  • Libby Goldstein: casting director
  • Junie Lowry-Johnson: casting director
  • Mike Watson: stunt coordinator




# Image Title Airdate Viewers
01 A Lie Agreed Upon Part I "A Lie Agreed Upon: Part I" March 6, 2005 2.79 million
In the Season Two premiere, an anxious Swearengen calls out Bullock over the Sheriff's relationship with Alma.
02 A Lie Agreed Upon Part II "A Lie Agreed Upon: Part II" March 13, 2005 3.41 million
As the day's injured recoup, the night brings a new set of tensions.
03 New Money "New Money" March 20, 2005 N/A
Francis Wolcott, a tricky chief scout for a powerful mining operation, arrives to shake up the status quo.
04 Requiem for a Gleet "Requiem for a Gleet" March 27, 2005 2.51 million
Cochran contemplates a procedure that could cure an ailing Swearengen--or kill him.
05 Complications "Complications" April 3, 2005 2.17 million
As a convalescing Swearengen bridles, Cochran schools Burns and Dority in how best to assist his recovery.
06 Something Very Expensive "Something Very Expensive" April 10, 2005 2.16 million
Alma proposes forming a bank, and looks to familiar faces to run it.
07 EB Was Left Out "E.B. Was Left Out" April 17, 2005 2.38 million
Tolliver enlists Lee to clean up Wolcott's mess; Swearengen informs Alma of a Pinkerton agent in camp.
08 Childish Things "Childish Things" April 24, 2005 2.42 million
Wolcott offers on a rich claim operated by two ornery brothers, and reports to Hearst on their progress.
09 Amalgamation and Capital "Amalgamation and Capital" May 1, 2005 2.16 million
Merrick goes overboard printing rumors in the 'Pioneer,' earning rebuke from Swearengen.
10 Advances None Miraculous "Advances, None Miraculous" May 8, 2005 N/A
When Cochran delivers a dire prognosis, the entire camp stands vigil.
11 The Whores Can Come "The Whores Can Come" May 15, 2005 2.02 million
Telegraph lines heat up as Jarry fears Bullock and Hearst have thrown their weight behind Montana.
12 Boy-the-Earth-Talks-To "Boy-the-Earth-Talks-To" May 22, 2005 2.42 million
In the Season Two finale, as Deadwood readies for a celebration, George Hearst's arrival in camp brings upheaval.