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Sheriff Seth Bullock

A sheriff was an elected government official who served as the primary law enforcement officer of a specific area, mostly performing similar tasks to that of a police officer.

In Deadwood[]

In 1876, Seth Bullock arrived in the gold-rich mining camp of Deadwood, South Dakota, being a former marshal from Montana looking to open Star & Bullock Hardware with his friend Sol Star rather than continue the life of a lawman. After carrying out several often inadvertent acts of justice and becoming a known figure throughout the town, Bullock still tried his best to avoid becoming a sheriff in elections, but when poker dealer Con Stapleton was elected as a corrupt sheriff through a reluctant Tom Nutall, Bullock saw to it that the fool was removed from office and ended up taking on the job himself[1] with his friend Charlie Utter as a deputy.[2]

Over the next year and the fight against George Hearst, Bullock would serve as sheriff, and though on a few occasions he did briefly hand in his badge, he was still in the position in 1889.[3]

Notable sheriffs[]

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