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Silas Adams was a former debt collector from Yankton who went on to become a trusted associate of Al Swearengen at the Gem Saloon in Deadwood. He was sent by Magistrate Claggett to collect bribe money from Swearengen to clear his murder charges, but Al saw Adams' usefulness and had him instead assassinate Claggett for him. Afterwards he stayed on as one of Al's most cunning employees, serving him as an advisor and errand boy in the fight against George Hearst.

Behind the scenes[]

Silas Adams was played by Titus Welliver in all three seasons of Deadwood, appearing in almost every episode after his debut in Season 1's "Mister Wu".

Unlike most other characters from the show, Adams did not appear in Deadwood: The Movie, as Welliver was busy working on his show Bosch.