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Sofia Ellsworth, née Sofia Metz, is a main character in HBO's Deeadwood as well as in Deadwood: The Movie.

She is the sole survivor of an attack on her family on the way home to her native Minnesota. She and her family were members of the Norwegian community in Minnesota, and were referred to as "squareheads" by Al Swearengen, a slur against Scandinavians. A robbery by Swearengen's men disguised as an attack by hostile Indians left Sofia traumatized and unresponsive. Possibly not even speaking English, her parents and two sisters (Marta and Ingrid) were murdered. She is nevertheless targeted for murder by Swearengen to eliminate the possibility of her identifying her family's killers; however, with the help and protection of Jane and Doc Cochran, she regains her health and becomes the ward of Alma Garret. She grows especially close to Whitney Ellsworth, after his business dealings and later marriage to Garret, and is instrumental in convincing Garret that they should stay in Deadwood so that they can continue to visit his final resting place.

She is portrayed by Bree Seanna Wall in the tv series and by Lily Keene in the movie.



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