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This article contains spoilers for all three seasons of Deadwood and Deadwood: The Movie.
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Solomon "Sol" Star is a main character in HBO's Deadwood and Deadwood: The Movie. Sol is Seth Bullock's best friend and partner in the hardware business and the only Jewish resident of the camp. He is originally from Vienna, Austria. Imperturbable, reliable, and sensible, Sol becomes a rising force in the camp; originally seeing the potential wealth in providing tools to the prospectors in Deadwood.


Early Life[]

He was born in Vienna, Austria, to Jewish parents.

Season 1[]

Founding of Star & Bullock Hardware[]

Star watches Bullock hang Clell Watson while sitting on a wagon, keeping Byron Sampson and his men in check. After Watson is hung by Bullock, Star and Bullock leave the town on their way to Deadwood, leaving Sampson and his men behind. In July 1876 he and Bullock reach Deadwood. They have to pay rent for a place where they can set their tent, and in the evening, they start selling their goods to customers from the market.

Season 2[]

Sol sets his sights on forming the first bank in Deadwood in partnership with Alma Garret. Though mocked by Al Swearengen at every turn for his being Jewish, particularly during the initial phase of buying the future site of the Bullock and Star hardware store from the saloon owner, Sol never rises to the bait, showing not only his business acumen but his levelheadedness as opposed to his friend's occasionally rash nature. Though he seems meek in nature, he proves to be capable of standing up for himself when provoked.

Sol also forms a relationship with Trixie, Swearengen's favored girl at The Gem Saloon. She helps nurse him back to health from a bullet wound sustained as a bystander to the fight between Swearengen and Bullock, but Sol becomes frustrated at the fondness and loyalty she still retains for Swearengen.

Season 3[]

By the third season, Star has become such a respectable figure of the camp that he runs for mayor against E.B. Farnum. Knowing he will win, Swearengen connives to sell Star a house and has Trixie housed in the hotel next door where she can enter his room through a secret passage in the wall, to make their relationship less of an open secret and make Star appear a more respectable candidate.

Deadwood: The Movie[]

Sol and Seth have entered into the hotel business, while he and Trixie are expecting their first child. After their son is born, the two are married in a joyful ceremony.


Season 1[]

Season 2[]

Season 3[]