Al Swearengen leaves his sick bed and realizes that Cy Tolliver is buying claims on behalf of Hearst's representative, Francis Wolcott. The Commissioner however feels Cy Tolliver has abandoned him to the mob but Cy has what he wants and couldn't care less. When Tolliver tells Wolcott that he's aware of his sexual peccadilloes, Wolcott goes off the deep end and takes it out on some of the girls at the Chez Ami. Tolliver brings in a group of Chinese whores leading Mr Wu to complain to Al. Alma Garret meanwhile wants to open a bank and wants Sol Star to run it but he's not sure that's what he wants. Mary Stokes, a new school teacher for the camp's children, arrives in Deadwood and Merrick is more than pleased to show her around. Whitney Ellsworth learns from Trixie that Alma is pregnant and she him asks whether he will help her out. 

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