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Trixie, Utter, Sol and Bullock gather pre-dawn in the Hardware store, while Tolliver and Swearengen independently wonder what they are up to. Al heads over to find out, running into Merrick who's come to show Al his article about Mrs. Ellsworth's shooting. Blazanov interrupts them with a telegram for Al, trumpeting the arrival of 23 guns hired by Hawkeye. But the news comes too soon on the heels of the message sent to Hawkeye and Al, not trusting the reply, is angry he allowed Adams to talk him into wiring Hawkeye for help.

Langrishe lingers outside Shaunessey's, considering Joseanne's room. While Farnum, having not yet wiped Hearst's expectoration from his cheek, talks aloud to himself about the pros and cons of his decision.

Enroute to the Hardware store Al picks up Langrishe and Farnum and they arrive together, demanding to know what's going on. Those gathered insist it's merely a discussion of what circumstances would require Bullock to be recalled from his campaigning trip to Sturgis - meaning what fresh acts of Hearst-induced violence.

Claudia goes to the Countess, insisting she's leaving the troupe because Langrishe is too cruel but the Countess is nonplussed.

In his tent on Alma's claim, Ellsworth ponders the impact of his visits to Alma and Sofia -- and is shot dead by one of the Pinkertons.

In Sturgis, as Bullock and Manning wait to give their speeches Bullock spies soldiers and demands to know why they're in town. They admit they're there for the election, perhaps to exercise their franchise. "Have they told yet who you're voting for?" asks Bullock. "Not yet," the soldier replies.

A Cornishman drives his wagon into the thoroughfare, bearing Ellsworth's body. He runs into the Bank to alert Alma, who rushes out to see for herself. As Hearst and Swearengen observe the drama unfolding, Al rallies his men. Meanwhile, Utter steers the distraught Alma to the Gem. Sobbing, Alma demands Sofia be brought to her and as Utter hurries off to fetch the girl, Al ensconces Alma upstairs.

When Trixie sees Ellsworth's body she reacts. Heading to the Grand Central, her hand on her Derringer, she bares her breasts as she enters and marches up to Hearst's door, exposing her privates as he answers her knock. Hearst is caught off guard, and in that split second she shoots him - aiming for his heart but hitting his shoulder. Trixie goes to Sol, sobbing, begging him to shoot her since she didn't kill Hearst. Sol hastens her away.

Cy, who has watched the day's events unfold, takes his frustrations out on the whores, ripping their petticoats and frills.

Meanwhile, in Sturgis, Bullock is giving his stump speech when a telegram from Deadwood is passed to him at the podium. He leaves immediately and Commissioner Jarry, who has been watching from the back, follows him out asking what has happened. "Don't you know? Or have they just got you handling the votes?" Bullock responds as he rides off.

Farnum runs to the Gem claiming Trixie killed Hearst. But Al probes to discover EB didn't actually see anything - just as Hearst walks through camp, clutching his shoulder, surrounded by pistoleros. Sol hustles Trixie into the back of the Gem and Al goes to see her, commenting on her actions: "Loopy f**kin c**t."

Utter brings Sofia to Alma, while Joanie, Martha and Jane wonder what has transpired that has prompted Sofia's removal from school.

Doc Cochran grudgingly treats Hearst's wound in his cabin, with Ellsworth's body just yards away.

Joseanne arrives at the theater and introduces herself to the troupe. Meanwhile Langrishe emerges from his room to ask Farnum about the shot he heard. When EB tells him it was Trixie who shot Hearst, Langrishe departs, avoiding conversation with his troupe.

Downstairs at the Gem, Al lays out Alma's options vis a vis Hearst. She must hire guns to protect her property, but then leave camp so they needn't also protect her life. Or, to stay in camp, alive, she must sell to Hearst. "A very pithy rendering" notes Langrishe.

Upon his return, Bullock rushes to the Gem ascending to comfort Alma and Sofia. The Doc arrives demanding to speak with Mrs. Ellsworth alone. He wants to know if she is certain Sofia saw her family dead or if, perhaps, the child was hidden by her family before the murders occurred. If the latter, he suggests the girl may have suffered from never being able to see her family alive or dead again. Alma agrees to Sofia's request to say goodbye to Mr. Ellsworth. Bullock accompanies Alma and Sofia home.

That evening, Hearst observes from his perch with pride how his manipulations have galvanized the camp. Trixie and Sol lay in bed sleeplessly. Al meets with Wu, making him understand he wants him to bring all of his men back to Deadwood from Custer City. Swedgin will provide the guns.