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Thomas "Tom" Nuttall is a main character in HBO's Deadwood

He is the proprietor of the No. 10 Saloon, which is the site of Wild Bill Hickok's murder. (The saloon is named for its address on the camp's main thoroughfare.) One of the first settlers to arrive in Deadwood, arriving before even Al Swearengen, he has grown increasingly disillusioned with the camp and its future and has gone as far as to consider selling his saloon and leaving the camp.

Towards the end of Season 1, he convinces Swearengen to set up his saloon's card dealer, Con Stapleton, as the camp's first sheriff, but renounces him when Stapleton falls under Cy Tolliver's corrupting influence and is physically stripped of his badge by Seth Bullock. In Season 2, he receives the first bicycle in camp, which he defends against ridicule by accepting a challenge to ride through the town over difficult terrain. He forms a brief friendship with William Bullock. After a spooked horse tramples William, Tom feels a great deal of remorse due to William having been placed by his mother into Tom's care in order for William to watch the bicycle ride.

Swearengen, having acquired a dead Native American chief's head, muses to it about Tom's violent past, saying he'd "sent many of your friends to the happy hunting ground. Formidable, Tom was. And no more fool now than time shows us all." In Season 3, he expresses interest in co-founding a Deadwood fire brigade with his barman, Harry Manning, who is standing for Sheriff. Nuttall plays the spoons.

The Nuttall character is based on a real-life person named William "Billy" Nuttall, co-owner of the real-life #10 Saloon in the Deadwood camp.[1]


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